How To Pick a Band


Choosing the right band is, for many, the most important part of any event. The band gets the people on their feet, having a great time, and creating memories. Finding a band that fits your style and budget is not an easy task. It can take a lot of research and patience before finding the perfect match. Below are some questions to consider when looking for the perfect band for your event.

1) How much experience does the band have?

Experience is crucial when it comes to entertainment. You want to find a band that is professional and knows exactly how to make your event go smoothly. This comes with experience. Look to see what credible venues that the band has played, along with any large clients that they have worked with.

2) Can you find good references?

With the introduction of the Internet, you can find reviews on just about anything. If you are having difficulty finding good and credible reviews about a band, that is not a good sign. If you do find some good references, see if it is possible to talk with those people about their experience. This will give you much better information to see if the band is right for you.

3) Does the bandleader seem professional?

It may be tempting to hire a band through an agent, but it is important that you not only talk to the agent, but also to the actual bandleader. You will be able to tell fairly quickly if they are professional and you can also get a feel for how easy the band will be to work with. This is key, especially if you are hoping to work with the band to customize your big event.

4) Can you get live footage of the band’s other performances?

Although a band may sound good on promo material, it is important that they provide you with actual live videos of their performances. You are hiring a band not only for their sound, but also for their performance. Some bands with impressive promo videos are unimpressive live. If you can get the opportunity to see the band perform live, that’s even better.

5) Does the band play only one type of music?

Some bands have a very specific set list with little variation. If you are looking for a Jimmy Buffet tribute band, that’s fine, but just remember that people get bored with the same type of songs all night. Talk to the bandleader about what type of music they are capable of, so that you have the option to switch it up if necessary.

6) Do they bring their own high quality sound and light equipment?

Many times the band will bring mediocre sound and light equipment. Sound and lighting equipment has improved dramatically over the past few years. For example, bands that use in-ear monitors will sound much clearer than bands with floor monitors. Most top bands today will use 10-30 multi-colored LED lights and lasers for the stage area and dance floor. Lighting is very important for setting the mood, so make sure your band comes professionally prepared.

Nothing can replace the experience of having a professional live band at your event. This is why it is so important to choose your band wisely. Do your research and don’t skimp on the entertainment. Picking an unskilled band can look tacky and unprofessional, ruining the integrity of your event. By choosing the right band, you will bring energy and excitement to your occasion, and have your guests talking long after your event is over.