Corporate Event Ideas


When planning a corporate event, you want your attendees to have a great time. You don’t want it to feel like a stuffed shirt meeting, or a lame event full of awkward icebreakers. It needs to be fun and memorable. Below are some fresh ways to spice up your corporate event.

Themes – By setting a theme you give people something to talk about as soon as they get the invitation. This is a great way for people to break the ice with each other starting the second they walk into your event. Some good corporate party themes include:

  •  Casino night – you can bring casino games into your venue and have people gamble with fake money. You can even have prizes for people that accumulate the most money throughout the night.
  •  80s night- Hire a band to play music from the decade. Remember that with any decade themed party, you could still mix in other popular songs to keep it fresh. If you choose 80s theme you can also rent out classic 80s video games for your guests to enjoy.
  • Miami club theme- Decorate the venue with cool club lighting and furniture. Then hire a live band to sing popular covers and create a fun lit dance floor.
  • Murder Mystery- Encourage people to dress up like characters from whatever era your murder mystery is taking place. At a murder mystery party, all of the guests receive envelopes that tell them what character they are and throughout the night everyone works together to find the “killer.” You can make the game yourself or you can hire a murder mystery company to orchestrate everything.

Live Entertainment – Whether you have a theme or not you are probably going to want some form of live entertainment. Before hiring an act, you want to make sure that you check their experience. You want an act that is reliable and gives you live videos of their performances so that you can see exactly what you are paying for. Some good ideas for live entertainment include:

  • Live High-Energy Band- Ideally, you want to find band that plays a wide range of different genres so that everyone at your event will have songs to dance along to. Some bands will even offer you the option to request a special song that your employees will be singing long after the party is over.
  • Performance Artist– Artists are also a fun addition to any corporate event. Some artists pair motivational speaking with their art, while others can paint a giant picture of your CEO in less than 2 minutes. This is a unique form of entertainment that your guests will love.

Fun activities — It’s always a good idea to have optional activities planned for your guests. Especially in the beginning, you are going to want to have fun things to break the ice. Some fun party additions include:

  • Green Screen- Setting up a green screen with a few different background options is fun way to get your guests to mingle. You can set funny backgrounds with famous people or crazy backgrounds of fun locations for your guests to take pictures in front of.
  • Game Show- A little friendly competition is always fun. You can create your own version of Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune and customize it to your company culture.
  • Crafting Competition- If its near December, you can have a gingerbread decorating contest where you give each table supplies to make a house and the winning table receives a prize. You can create similar competitions for other holidays by having them decorate a cake or build a specific structure that has to do with your company.

Get Social — Encourage your guests to use social media throughout the night so that people who could not make it to the event still feel connected.

  • Instagram- Utilize Instagram by creating a hashtag that is specific to your event. You can then tell people to post pictures to Instagram using the hashtag so that people can see a live stream of pictures from your event.
  • Twitter- You can also use your event specific hashtag on Twitter to start a conversation among guests. If you have a large wall in your venue, you can use a projector to put up a Twitterfall. A Twitterfall will show you everything people are tweeting about your event in live time. This entertains people because they can see their tweets come up on the big screen.

When planning a corporate event it is important think creatively. You need to find entertainment and activities that fit into your corporate culture. Think about what will boost morale and leave people happy and satisfied. Corporate events are a perfect opportunity to promote networking, team building and show appreciation. Make sure that your corporate event is a success by doing your research and planning in advance. If you are still looking for entertainment for your corporate event, check out Wiley Entertainment for professional entertainment options.