The Band

Our award winning band, None Other, puts on high energy, no limits performances that bring life and excitement to every crowd.

A classy alternative to typical DJ services, offering sophisticated professionalism, without the cheesy and awkward options all too prominent at private events.

Beyond Expectations

Our band is available as a six-piece up to a twelve-piece, with five vocalists and energy guaranteed to keep the dance floor full all night long

From corporate galas to weddings and social events. Live entertainment with no limits.

Why Choose None Other?

Ordinary bands play ordinary events. If you want your event to be extraordinary, you need musicians who will exceed expectations. Our award winning band, None Other, puts on high energy, no limits performances that bring life and excitement to every crowd. None Other is available as a six to twelve piece band, with five vocalists who are ready to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Whether you’re into Motown, Pop, Disco, Country, Rock, or you name it, we can get the crowd out of their seats and filling the dance floor. When you choose None Other, you’re not just getting a set of songs. You’re getting an experience that will make your event spectacular and unforgettable.

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